What People Are Saying

I have worked with Pam for several years in her role at Magnolia AR. She is highly efficient, dedicated and a pleasure to work with. The team at Magnolia understand the value that strong relationships with industry analysts can bring to their clients and proactively drive those relationships forward.

Roz Parkinson
Principal Analyst, Omdia

Pam and the Magnolia team have always provided excellent support to the analysts at Canalys. Too often, vendors use the Analyst Relations function as a gatekeeper, to limit analyst access to relevant information or senior executives. With Magnolia, we always feel they are working as much on behalf of the analysts as their clients to create stronger, closer relationships, which ultimately leads to better outcomes for both sides. We’d happily recommend Pam and her team.

Alastair Edwards
Chief Analyst, Canalys

The measure of success for any technology vendor in terms of its relationship with the Analyst community is measured by the responsiveness to any enquires, the frequency and quality of information shared, and the personal relationship and trust between the analyst relations contact and the analyst; knowing if you ask for something by a set time you will receive it. Magnolia has deep and long standing relationships with many of the leading analysts and delivers on these measures of success by ensuring as a community the analysts have the correct and accurate information about a vendor when writing, presenting, or speaking to clients about the technology or the vendor.

Roy Illsley
Chief Analyst, Omdia

Industry analysts can’t do what they do without good analyst relations professionals like Magnolia. They need to have a detailed understanding of their client, a detailed understanding of relevant industry analyst firms in their client’s market, and they need to be able to exercise good judgment in recommending how and when to serve as a convener at the request of either party.

Patrick Donegan
Founder and Principal Analyst, HardenStance

The Analyst Relations professionals at Magnolia understand the requirements that the analyst community has and helps to ensure that briefings are arranged, both proactively and reactively. In addition everyone is a pleasure to work with.

Tony Lock
Distinguished Analyst, Freeform Dynamics

Magnolia has been vitally important to Juniper in the transformation of our approach and its execution.

Penny Still
Director, Corporate Communications EMEA, Juniper Networks

VERITAS AR got voted one of the top 5 in the industry at the time under Pam's leadership and she was an invaluable part of my marketing organization.