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Magnolia AR is a Global communications firm with a sole focus on Industry Analyst Relations. Magnolia was founded on the basis that long-term, consistent and bi-directional communication between industry analysts and well-prepared vendors results in an increase in sales, a more refined strategy and stronger execution for companies. Magnolia provides clients with access to only the most experienced AR professionals to assist in fostering these important relationships.

The Team

Pam Crain

Pam Crain

Director and Founder

I started Magnolia AR in 2008 after spending 13 years running AR globally for VERITAS Software (now Veritas Technologies) and EMEA AR for BEA Systems (now Oracle.)

I have experience in defining, implementing, managing and measuring all aspects of an analyst relations programme and have worked both in the US and Europe. 

I’ve worked extensively with executives and internal stakeholders to drive market leadership and positive mindshare. 

I’ve always felt passionate about the importance of AR and working with the analyst community to influence and shape markets.They have a unique view of world because of their relationships with customers, prospects, competitors, partners and the investment community.

The role of AR has evolved significantly over the past 25 years, but the core remains the same – building relationships that are mutually beneficial. Too often we see vendors wanting to focus on a one-dimensional, outbound approach to analysts. We believe in a two-way dialogue whereby analysts and vendors both have the opportunity to exchange insights and collaborate.

Outside of work, I love anything outdoors – cycling, walking in the beautiful English countryside, and playing football in the garden with my 2 boys.

Ginger Howard

Ginger Hernandez Howard


I’ve worked with Magnolia AR for five years after getting back into AR following a 5-year stint in Product and Audience Marketing. Over the years, I’m worked for leading technology companies including Microsoft, BEA Systems (now Oracle), and HP. 

I have 25+ years experience in marketing and communications roles globally for enterprise software companies, start-ups and film production companies.

In 1999 in the Valley, AR was starting out, and it was fantastic to be part of it from the beginning especially considering for many it was misunderstood as an extension to PR. It’s been a journey and great to see how it has evolved into a critical arm of a successful marketing plan.

Outside of work, I am passionate about health, interiors and am a cinephile.

Eria Odhuba

Eria Odhuba


I joined Magnolia AR as an Associate in 2015 and have run AR programmes globally for 20 years for a variety of tech and fintech clients. Prior to joining Magnolia, I was a freelance AR professional and before that ran the AR team at Metia where I led a team of 11 AR professionals in London and New York on global AR programmes for a variety of clients including Microsoft, Hitachi Data Systems, Misys and Financial Objects. 

I have helped define AR programs, trained spokespeople, advised on analyst subscriptions and run virtual / in-person analyst events for clients as part of my remit.

Working closely with senior executives, I’ve developed close relationships with industry analysts and raised their profile within my client base as well. The key measurement of success has been the positive impact AR programs have had on sales, and this is something I have kept top of mind as I do AR for clients.

Outside of work, I like cycling, camping, keeping up with current affairs and spending time with my family.