Programme Strategy and Execution   Spokesperson Training
A company’s AR strategy can have a huge impact on the business.  Negative perceptions result in lost deals while positive one’s can close them. Magnolia AR can assess the effectiveness of your AR programme and ensure you’re targeting the right analysts at the right time with the right information. We can supplement an existing programme or run it for you.   Analysts are a unique group of influencers who need specific information to effectively position your company to external audiences. They speak to your competition, partners, investors and most importantly, your customers and prospects.  Properly trained spokespeople are a key asset to any AR programme and help to establish strong, collaborative, mutually beneficial relationships between vendors and industry analysts.
Perception Audits   Analyst Report Management
Perception audits provide you with a solid understanding of what analysts think of your company strategy, technology vision and roadmap, current offerings, partnerships and go-to-market initiatives.  We interview key analysts and present you with a detailed report including overall perceptions backed up by detailed responses, SWOT analysis and recommendations.   Magnolia AR can identify key reports and deadlines then work with the internal team to create a timeline by which critical activities will take place. This will ensure best possible placement in the specified analyst reports such as Gartner Magic Quadrants, Forrester Wave’s, IDC market forecasts etc…
Sales Alignment   Analyst Summit Management and Execution
It’s important for your sales team to understand the industry analyst ecosystem. Magnolia AR can train sales teams on how to use the influence of the analysts to assist in the sales process. We can also create “sales flashes” in response to both positive and negative analyst reports so they are never blindsided in a customer meeting.  Working with sales is a key element to any AR programme.   Analyst summits increase awareness and positive mindshare for your company by providing a forum for interaction and dialogue with key influencers. Not only does it provide analysts with a high level view of your company, but it’s also a good way to build relationships between executives and analysts – a critical component of any AR programme.
Content Evaluation     The Start Up Programme
It’s important to present information to the analysts that is both relevant and appropriate for them as individuals. We can review presentations, key messages or simply talk through a dialogue you’d like to have with an analyst to ensure you stand out from the hundreds of other vendors that are vying for their time.   We understand not all companies have a budget to support major AR initiatives. Our start up programme is a one-time project that gets analyst relations up and running.  We identify your key influencers and provide a recommended AR plan with objectives, strategies, tactics and timeline, and we secure the introductory interactions that help build a strong foundation for an ongoing programme.